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Paris – Day 1

So after about 2 or 3 hours of sleep I was woken at around 3:30am to get up and go to the airport. I sleepily got ready and at about 4 we got in the car and started driving.
We got at the airport at about 4:45am and we dropped the suitcase into the baggage drop, then we went for some breakfast, I didn’t get anything because I was still half asleep and probably would have been sick if I ate that early.

So we hopped on the plane and it left about 6:50am, I slept for most of the flight, well when I say slept I mean I drifted in and out, I find it weird falling fully asleep surrounded by random strangers…

Meet Mike, he’s a raccoon that loves going on adventures (since today…), you can expect to see lots of pictures of him visiting some famous landmarks and attractions around Paris!

We landed on time and we got off and went to collect our bag, then it was time to get on the bus into Paris. My last experience with the bus wasn’t the best, it involved me and Clare waiting around 1 hour and 30 minutes and putting our bags on probably 3 different buses before we actually got seats on one! It was ok this time though, we got on ok and we all got seats together.
The bus took around an hour or so to get into Porte Maillot, then we got our bags and went on the Metro.

The metro was ok once we got on, but we had to get off a stop early and that wasn’t too nice, the lack of sleep made it seem like a longer walk than it actually was. We got to the apartment then and somehow managed to carry our bags up the stairs, I was melting at this stage, but we got there and the lady who is renting it to us let us in.
She showed us around and what not and when she left we all collapsed into the chairs, there’s 4 chairs, a small sofa and a long chair bed type thing, that’s quite comfortable.

The view from the apartment

Dad and Shane went down to get some lunch, we got pizza, it was nice! Then we all had a little nap, I was absolutely wrecked! When I eventually got up it was just mam in the apartment and Jess was still asleep, dad and Shane went for a little walk. I had a lettuce, goats cheese and tomato baguette, it was lovely, gotta love Paris 🙂

I started to feel sick then, it kind of felt like a mixture of jet lag and tiredness, whatever it was it wasn’t nice so I stayed in the apartment while the rest went to the Champs Élysées for some food and a bit of sight seeing, I just drew a bit in my moleskine and read a magazine, I’m feeling better now thank god, hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.

I think we’re going to go to the Pompidou centre tomorrow, hopefully there will be some good exhibitions on, but I’d really be happy with just going to the gift shop again, haha!


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  1. Its sounds like soo much fun 😀
    Bad you got sick though hope you feel better soon *Hugs*


    July 22, 2010 at 9:27 pm

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