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***** Going to finish this later, WP isn’t playing nice. *****

So today we woke up early because we were going to Disneyland! 😀
Shane had never been there before so we were excited to see what he thought about it 🙂

We all got we were all excitready and eventually left, little bit later than usual but it was ok, until we got to the carpark and dad had brought the wrong ticket so we had to call the man who worked there, it worked out ok though, we just had to pay for 24 hours which we were doing anyway. So then we hopped in the car and headed off to Disney. The sat nav was being an eejit though, stupid Dorris! But it was ok and we kept driving.

We arrived in Disney around 11 and started queuing to get into the park, when we got in we had something to eat because we were all hungry, we decided to get lunch so it would keep us going for longer and we would avoid the mad rush because we were earlier than all of the other people. Me and Shane got 4 cheese pizza, mam and dad got burgers and Jess got nuggets, it was nice 🙂

Once we were all fed and watered we headed into the studios and decided we would go on the Tram Tour first, but little did we know the trams would break down while we were queuing, we waited there for over an hour before we decided to leave, we only left because they were closing the ride down to fix it, ugh.
We went over to Cinémagique after that and thankfully that didn’t break…we all enjoyed that.

Then it was time to go onto the Rockin Rollercoaster, my favourite! Me, Shane and Jess started to queue for that and we were all nervous excited in the queue, even though I have been on it about 5 times before I was still nervous, but it was the good kind of nervous because I knew I couldn’t die on it,lol. So we eventually got on and shot off! It’s probably my favourite ride there, it’s just so much fun! I love the loud music and lights and it’s great to be able to scream for the whole thing and not seem like a mentaller, although I probable did anyway but who cares, I love to scream!
When we got off we were dying to see what our photo looked like, it wasn’t that bad! Shane  looked a bit mad and Jessie’s head was a bit forward, I just looked kinda blurry but not as mental as when I went on it with Maeve and Jess, that was the picture we should have bought. We bought two pictures anyway and headed back out to mam and dad.

We then went to see if the Tram Tour was fixed, it was but the queue was huge so we had a quick look in the shops and said we would come back for that and the Crush Coaster, but we forgot to…

It was time for the main park then! The first thing we went on was Phantom Manor, Shane was really looking forward to that one! We all loved it as usual. After Phantom Manor we got some sugar popcorn and went on our way to Pirates of the Caribbean, freakin love that one! We queued for a good while but it’s always worth it for that.

Fantasyland was next on our list! We first went on Le Pays des Contes de Fées, the one in the boats where you see all of the little story book lands and stuff, it was alright, not one of my favourite rides there but there was no queue so we hopped on. We had planned on going on Casey Jr. next but there was a 2 hour queue! We decided against that one, unfortunately, but there was no way we were queuing for that long.

We went on Small World next, one of our favourites! The queue was only 10 minutes too which is always lovely. After that we stopped for some ice-cream, I got lemon sorbet, nice and refreshing on a hot day 🙂

We then went on Pinocchio and Snow White, lovely stuff. We walked through the castle then and we went into Discoveryland but we didn’t go on anything in there, Space Mountain hurts our heads, lol. We wanted to go on Buzz Lightyear but there was too much of a queue, so we had a quick look in the shops and then headed out to see the Once Upon a Dream parade. We stood and watched that and we were all starving by then so we went to find something to eat.

We wanted to go to Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet but it was closed! Then we went to Videopolis, I was dying for an omlette cheeseburger but they didn’t have them anymore O_O I was so upset, it’s seriously the nicest thing ever and now it’s gone. I need to make one when I get home…On the way to another land we passed Captain EO so we ran into that, unfortunately. I didn’t wanna go because I knew it was going to be awful, it’s from the 80’s, 3D and has Michael Jackson in it. I actually like Disneyland 3D, things actually come out on the screen so it has a point to it. Seriously though, google it, it’s just so bad.

So we ended up eating in Colonel Haithi’s, I got pasta and garlic bread, it was really nice 🙂 We were all a bit tired by then though so we had a little rest and then mam, Jess and Shane went out to go on Big Thunder Mountain, I wasn’t in the mood for going on that after I had just eaten, so me and dad looked in a shop. I bought a nice little 101 Dalmatians tin that looks like a book, it has biscuits in it, I just bought it for the tin. We wanted to have a go at the shooting gallery but we didn’t have any change so we just waited. They finally came back out and told us that the ride had broken! That’s two broken ones in the same day! Not cool Disneyland,  not cool. It’s never happened to us before so it was really disappointing considering it was Shanes first time there, oh well.

We went out to Main Street then to do a bit of shopping while we waited for the Light Parade and the fireworks, we were waiting for the Disney Village though to do most of our shopping, just so we wouldn’t have to carry the bags with us. The parade and fireworks were lovely as usual 🙂
We watched them near the entrance so we could just run out to the village before the crowds got there, it was a great place to watch them!

When we got to the village we got our shop on! I bought a Toy Story cup and a Hamm money box, it’s so cool! We bought a few presents and bits and then we headed back to the car, we couldn’t walk at this stage, my feet felt so crippled!
But just when we thought we could sail home we saw that tons of cars were stopping up infront of us, turns out they decided to do some roadworks and cause a ton of freakin annoying traffic. What should have taken us 30 minutes to get home took us over 1 hour and 30 minutes! We were really hungry too and knew that McDonalds near us was open until 2am, but unfortunately we arrived back at 2:04 😦 I was like a zombie by this stage because I hadn’t slept in the car on the way home, so I walked back to the apartment with my shoes untied and somehow manged to climb the three flights of stairs and crawl into bed.

All in all it was a good day though, I just wasn’t happy about the rides breaking down and the long queues, but I suppose that is Summer in Disneyland! I think I’ll stick to Winter, you can’t melt and there is usually less people which is always good in my books! 🙂


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July 29, 2010 at 12:17 pm

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