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***This is late because I was tired and the broadband wasn’t working…***
I also don’t take a lot of photos on last days, it’s too depressing…

So today was our last day in Paris 😦
Nobody wanted to go home, what are we going home to…?

We had a bit of a lie on because we were all tired from Disney yesterday so we said we would take it easy. I got up and had a pain au chocolat for breakfast, then we all did a bit of packing, it was easy enough trying to fit everything in, we didn’t buy that much but it felt like we bought tons!

Later on dad and Shane went down to Monoprix and McDonalds, it’s still hard asking for a wo mac over there but I got it ok,lol! After lunch we made some rolls for later on.
We finished packing and tidying the apartment and then about 6ish we headed to the car to go to the airport. The freakin sat nav brought us all over the place! We ended up in the ghetto of Paris, it took us all over the world! We eventually got to the airport though.

We dropped our car back to Hertz and we found some seats outside and sat and had our rolls, I was starving by then! Mine had goats cheese and tomato, it was amazing 🙂 We also had some crisps and croissants left over from earlier so we ate them, we had bananas and coke too, a few of us managed some of that but we were left with some food so we had to throw it out…we did our best.
Me, Shane and Jess had a quick look around the shop that sold magazines and souvenirs, I bought Nylon, can’t seem to find it in Eason’s these days, terrible! I also bought Jalouse, it’s kinda like a French Nylon, it’s cool. 🙂

We sat around for a while and then we went in to go to the departures area, we eventually got through security and I beeped! I didn’t even have anything metal on me, feck sake, we were proper searched too, it was kinda scary…Jess and Shane beeped too, mental.
We had a quick look in duty free, didn’t buy anything and one corner smelt like shite because of the cheese fridge, vomit!
The departures area is tiny and everyone was queuing and trying to see what gate they were at, it’s really badly organized. We waited around for a while and when we saw Dublin we went up to queue.

Me, dad and Shane sat in the emergency exit seats on the plane, it was kinda scary because we were told if anything happened we would have to help people leave the plane, wowza, the guy also thought I was under 18 and asked to see my passport…freakin hell I’m 21 now!
Check out that leg room…

The flight was alright though, I forgot to charge my iPod so I couldn’t watch Toy Story but I just listened to music so it was grand! I love flying at night, it seems much more relaxed 🙂
We landed on time and got off last as usual, we collected our bag really quick and got on the bus to bring us back to the car.
That was it, we were home. Back to the bad weather and the most boring country ever. We were hungry on the way home and we stopped off in Henry and Rose, I was so hungry and I’m not a fan of chippers, but I got a veggie burger anyway, it was quite nice. We ate our food when we got home and Shane left soon after, we didn’t get into bed until around 2 and we were all wrecked!


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July 30, 2010 at 9:57 pm

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