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two hundred and seventy six

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Well today was eventful! We had planned to go to Clare and Alices for some nachos and cans, until Clare text me to say that Michael Cera was in town! So us four and Shane decided to head in to see if we could get a few autographs and pictures! 😀

We headed in at about 4:30 and got there shortly after 5, we went to Cineworld to ask them what time they were going to be there at so they said around 7! We went to McDonalds and had some food and then about 6:30 we went back to try and meet them. We stood in the rain for a good while and then shortly after 7 we were given free tickets to go into the premiere of Scott Pilgrim VS The World! 😀 We had been standing infront of the security guards the whole time and apparently one of them told the girl to give us some free tickets, eh, delighted much?!

We had to run in really quickly because it was about to start, we couldn’t get seats together so we had to split up, but it was ok. So before the film started the director,Edgar Wright, Anna Kendrick, Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman came out! So some guy was talking to them the whole time and it was just brilliant, the film finally started shortly after 8, sadly they didn’t stay to watch it 😦

I thought the film was AMAZING! Capital letters were needed, it’s seriously really good, I can’t wait until it’s released properly so I can go and see it again!

We had a bit of a mishap on the way home but we’re not going to speak of that…ever!




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