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This morning I got up early to get prints done and buy mounts for the exhibition. Jess found out she didn’t get the course she wanted, or any of them because they got put up so much, she’s hoping she’ll get offered it in the second rounds, here’s hoping! 🙂

I went down the town with Shane and we sorted out our prints, then we headed to Dundrum and bought up all the mounts in Easons and had a Starbucks. We had to go to Carrickmines then to buy some more mounts in Woodies, so we got what they had and then had a quick look in the pet shop, I waaaaant oneeee! Then we had to go to Woodies in Bray to get a few more mounts, we were finished then, phew! We popped into McDonalds to get something for mam and Jess and then headed home.

I was really excited for tonight, Aoife is home from Australia so we went to the Harbour Bar for a surprise party! It was amazing seeing her and everyone else, makes me miss hanging out as a big group, defo have to organize more group stuff, soon 🙂


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August 24, 2010 at 12:20 am

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